Common-Law Partner Sponsorship

Are you missing your loved one in Canada? Apply for the Common-Law Partner Sponsorship program. We will guide you.

Love is one of the greatest feelings in the world. Why stay apart from your better half when the Canadian immigration policy allows you to settle in the country together? The Common-Law Partner Sponsorship program comes under the Family Class category. Under this, a Canadian citizen or permanent resident who is at least 18 years may sponsor a common-law partner, a person who shares a conjugal relationship with the sponsor (either of the opposite sex or the same-sex).

What are the Requirements for Common-Law Partner Sponsorship?

To be eligible for the common-law sponsorship program, you must prove that you have lived together for a year or longer in a marriage-like relationship as a couple.

The immigration officers will expect to see the following evidence:
• Relationship Information and Sponsorship Evaluation questionnaire
• Photos of you and your common-law partner that states that you are in a relationship
• Documents that indicate both as each other’s common-law partner (like employment or insurance benefits)
• Evidence of financial support or shared expenses between both partners
• Proofs that family and friends recognize your relationship

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